A series of interesting quaffing wines were presented

Wine club Nov 2014

by the newly formed CABAL to those gathered at The Old Post Office

As usual a good time was had by all.  

The 39th Meeting of the Wine Club was a master class in Bordeaux wines presented by Marguerite & David.  We loved going back to school to guess the grape!  Another riotous evening.  Fantastic wines, fantastic fun. 

For the 38th meeting of the Wine Club Simon took us on a trip across our bit of the Atlantic to Portugal and not a bottle of Mateus Rose in sight! 

As last minute presenters, John & Fiona ‘volunteered’ on the basis that they would only present ‘Wines wot we like’.  Not a deliberately expensive night – but it turned out that way as there were less of us than usual, yet we still drank all the wine!  The Pipers liked the wines – but others were less sure – even when they were told that the fizz was chosen by the Obamas to celebrate their election success, 15 years after being chosen as the official sparkling wine for Nelson Mandela’s inauguration.  Hey ho there’s no accounting for taste.

The wines at February’s meeting were selected by the fabulous Sam, Lynn, Kay, Elaine and Marguerite of Hinton

Marguerite’s final wine was Chateau Musar, Hochar, Pere st Fils, 2007, £11.99 from Majestic (£10.49 each for two or more).                                            

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