If you are an iPAD user, then navigating through this site is a little bit hard in some respects. Here are are some tips for making navigation easier.


If you click on menus that have sub menus, then the sub menus may not stay open, and as a result, selecting what you want can be a bit hard. Here are some tips on improving navigation for iPAD users.

Here are some ways to overcome iPAD navigation problems.

First, the home page has two ‘rows’ of stuff, the ‘News’, and then the ‘What’s On …’ stuff. Both rows are ‘swipeable’, and can be used to navigate the site. The ‘What’s On …’ row effectively enables you to get at the parts of the website that are accessible from the menus.

navigation available on the home page


Side Bar, with Headings and Slider (on the right)

Second, when a top level menu category is selected a page of articles is displayed that relate to that category,  with a column on the right hand side of the site. This column has pictures and links to other articles on the site that belong to different categories. These items can be used to navigate to any of the the categories that are available on the menus. Note also that for iPad users, this column is also, swipeable.

Alternatively, you can select a top level menu category and then hit the back button. For some reason, this makes the menu stay open, and you can select the item of interest! Strange but true.

Obviously we will be looking in the near future to make the menus work properly. But in the interim, please stick with it.


Don’t run your finger down the slider. Run it over the text ‘covered’ by the slider. Then it will scroll!

Otherwise, enjoy!