Those of you who are avid readers of the Western Gazette will have seen the recent article about Frank Naish and cider making at Piltown Farm, near Glastonbury.  Many of you will have also noticed work in the field opposite the village hall and perhaps some might even have put two and two together.

The new gate is the entrance to the Jubilee Wood.  It is intended to develop this land into community woodland and orchard open to everyone.  As this is a community wood, everyone is welcome to go and explore it whenever they like. 

The first phase of the project is to undertake some ground work, repair the fencing, remove unwanted trees and thin out others.  Subject to obtaining the necessary funds, the Trustees hope to be in a position to start planting in the Autumn.

The land was originally part of Scott’s nurseries and amongst the closely planted saplings were a number of rare cider apple trees, and whilst it may be tempting to set up our own cider making business, common sense has prevailed and we have already found the cider trees a good home.  The full article on Frank Naish and his cider can be seen on the This is Somerset website.  

In addition to cider trees there are also rather a lot apple trees including some rare varieties.  It is hoped to conserve some of these trees and create a small traditional orchard within the site.  However, that still leaves us approximately a 1,000 trees to sell! If anyone in the village is interested giving a tree a good home in return for a small donation, please find yourself a spade contact Angela Lodge to find out what is available and find yourself a spade.

Jubliee Woods Contacts
Tina Cogan
01460 72566
07528 799829
Angela Lodge
Don Morecombe
01460 76330
Fiona Piper
01460 74972
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