The Hinton St George Jubilee Woods Trust was established in 2012 to commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of Queen Elizabeth II with the following objectives:

Promotion and study of ecology and conservation
Promotion, study and appreciation of flora and fauna
Promotion, study and appreciation of horticulture and silviculture
Provision of access to land owned by the Trust
Provision of facilities for leisure time occupation for the benefit of villagers and public

The Jubilee Woods Trust has been established as a charity which will hold land in and around the village for the benefit and recreation of all villagers.  The Trust has charitable status for tax purposes and gift aid is applicable to all donations.  Land and assets owned by the Trust will be used for the benefit of the villagers.

With the very generous help of a village benefactor, land to the east opposite the village hall, has now been purchased and donated to the Trust. This enables a new village amenity to be established in perpetuity for the benefit of ours, and future generations.

The Trustees, all village residents, are Tina Cogan, Robert Heelis, Paul Lanham, John Piper, Ali Thorne and Adrian Walker.

HMRC Charity Reference XT34710

Jubliee Woods Contacts
Tina Cogan
01460 72566
07528 799829
Angela Lodge
Don Morecombe
01460 76330
Fiona Piper
01460 74972
07968 297 298